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Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art is located in downtown San Francisco, in the historic Jackson Square district, at 706 Sansome Street between Jackson and Pacific.

We are open Wednesday through Friday
1pm-6pm and Saturday Noon-5pm, by appointment, and by chance.


September 25-November 15, 2014:
"Rome Was!"

A photography exhibition and film screening.

See Rome's ancient ruins come alive... A visual transition from 1750 to the Present Day.

Randolph Langenbach, an international consultant in building conservation and emeritus professor has been the recipient of three National Endowment for the Arts grants in recognition for his documentary photography, and more recently was awarded a Rome Prize Fellowship by the American Academy in Rome, during which he originated a new digital photographic technique and began the photographic work shown in this exhibition and film. 

Rome Was!



A remarkable and rare recent acquistion is
The Trees, Early Afternoon, France
by the important African-American artist William A. Harper (1873-1910).

Harper was considered one of the finest African-American artists of the period, and painted with Henry Tanner in France before his untimely death at age 37.

Painted about 1905, this is an extraordinary example of the artist's work, painted during his first trip to France.  On a path under the trees walks a peasant woman with a basket, with cows under the shade of the trees.  The hillside slopes down to a village in the distance. This painting can hang alongside any Barbizon painting of the period and hold its own.



Through June 14, 2014:
"Surrealism & Magic-Realism"

From the 1920s to the present, the Surrealist movement has been a diverse offering. With “Magic-Realism” the focus is on tightly-rendered seemingly ordinary objects portrayed in such a way that they are somehow out-of-the-ordinary. A bit of Magic added to our mundane world.

This exhibition includes work from American Mid-Century surrealists who I believe are both under-rated and under-valued. Many of their European peers are world-famous and are amongst the most sought-after artists of all time, yet the Americans remain little-known names outside a select group of museum and private collections.

Also included in this exhibition are a group of present-day surrealists, following in the footsteps of their predecessors in their own distinctive, unique and magical way.


Through February, 2014:

an exhibition of black & white photographs by John Wimberley as well as video screenings of documentary filmmaker Robert Burrill’s new film:

“John Wimberley - A Metaphysic Of Light”

For 50 years John Wimberley has been capturing evocative and emotional visions of nature and the spiritual world in which we live. Visit the exhibition. See that with us.




Through October, 2013, the sculpture of
Easton (born 1945).

Working mainly in marble and alabaster, sculptor Easton achieves a rare balance of abstract form and feeling. Sensuous and tactile, each piece evokes a visceral response, inviting the touch.

"My sculpture embodies the forms and rhythms of nature to manifest the harmony and grace that gives Nature its beauty".

Sculpting since 1976, Easton usually works intuitively, selecting materials for their inherent qualities and form, his work guided by the dynamic interaction of his materials and tools.



  An important and rare recent acquistion is
In A Garden, 1917
by Clark Hobart. This museum-quality work was painted in San Francisco following the Panama Pacific Exhibition, in which Hobart received international attention as well as a silver medal. It is a rare non-portrait genre scene by the artist, and the most significant work to come to the market by him since his death in 1948. The painting was exhibited in 1981/82 at the Oakland Museum, Laguna Museum of Art, & Crocker Art Museum as part of the major exhibition "Impressionism, The California View 1890-1930".


Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art specializes in Early American Paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries.


  Mid-Century Surrealist & Modern paintings, with a focus on realism, are also exhibited.
  Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art represents a range of Contemporary painters, sculptors & assemblage artists.



Through June 29, 2013,
Laurie Curran (born 1944).

Curran studied art at both U.C. Berkeley and the San Francisco Art Institute. Her evolution of the abstract expressionist and Bay Area Figurative styles is distinct and notable. Curran’s work is included in numerous collections of not only abstract expressionist, modern and contemporary art, but also in many important collections of Early American paintings. Her timeless depictions of everyday objects, the draftsmanship evident throughout, hold their own with her contemporaries and the early American masters alike. Laurie's style is a masterful balance between abstraction and realism. Just enough detail is shared with the viewer, and yet the abstracted forms and color fields retain a degree of mystery.





Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art is proud to announce representation of Kristen van Diggelen.

When I first saw Kristen's work I was immediately intrigued by her powerful, vibrant surrealist paintings of tangled foliage and mesmerizing light. These "Battlescape" paintings are an evolution of traditional landscape imagery, yet are bold and uniquely contemporary images that transcend the landscapes themselves. View her Bio.

As a collector and appreciator or surrealism, I was impressed by her unique and powerful adaptation of that style. She steps beyond realism to create a realm of deep thought and psychological intrigue. Learn more here.


Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art is proud to announce representation of noted Maine painter Alex Gnidziejko (born 1943).

Gnidziejko’s painstaking technique of egg tempera emulsion and oil give his paintings a stunning depth and three-dimensional quality. As one of the foremost masters of this medium, his work is included in many public and private collections, including the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. View his Bio.

In the style of heightened realism, Alex Gnidziejko’s (pronounced Ne-jA-kO) paintings have the intriguing quality of responding to changes in light. Whether brightly lit or illuminated only slightly, they seem to have an “inner light”. Learn more here.



An important recent acquistion is Rough Sport In The Yosemite, circa 1875 by James D. Smillie. This major exhibition painting was the culmination of a series of etchings and watercolors created to illustrate William Cullen Bryant's monumental "Picturesque America".




Robert Rasely (1950-2005), an exhibition of Magic-Realism, through December 2011.

As so expressively worded by Theodore F. Wolff of the Christian Science Monitor:

 "It's more than skill and technique that make [Rasely] so effective. It's the obvious pleasure and delight he takes in shaping and sharing his fanciful, private world. A world in which reality is just a tiny bit askew, but in which everything is so sensitively drawn and sumptuously painted that we'd be quite willing to renounce ours in its favor if given the chance."

Rasely was trained at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and has had one-man exhibitions at major galleries from New York to San Francisco. He was a long time resident of Pennsylvania, an inspiring philosopher, and a friend.


Through April 30, 2011,
The Art of Playboy, an exhibition featuring artwork commissioned by Playboy Magazine from 1958-1978.

All of these original oil, tempera and watercolor paintings were published in the magazine or its sister-publication, OUI. These paintings illustrated articles by noted writers including Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Desmond Morris, William F. Buckley, Andy Warhol, George Axelrod and others. They represent an artistic and social history of the period.



Joel B. Garzoli Fine Art is proud to announce representation of the unique work of sculptor/glassblower Evan Chambers.

Evan Chambers creates unique hand-crafted sculpture, combining bronze, metals and hand-blown glass. Each work is unique, with varying combinations of glass, patina and finish detail. They are remarkable conversation pieces, and are sure to arouse curiosity and intrigue. Learn more here.



Through November 20, 2010
Two Emerging Photographers; Renee Peck and Keith Gidlund.

Keith Gidlund works primarily in black & white, and specializes in circular-composed, shot and printed photographs. Keith has modified his traditional film cameras to capture these circular images. Each of his photographs uniquely captures an experience perfectly suited to this circular format. It's as if we are peeking through a round window to experience a small vignette within his world.

Renee Peck is a recent Masters graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Renee incorporates her self-portrait into much of her work, whether depicting a landscape, cityscape or building interior. With time-lapse photography, she captures varying degrees of solidity in her figure, sometimes spirit-like and sometimes solidly within the scene.


Keith Gidlund (contemporary)
"Branch & Cloud" 2007

Renee Peck (contemporary)
"Out Of Place" 2008

  Thirty Years of Photography by John Wimberley is also currently on view.


John Wimberley (born 1945)

"Three Oaks, Autumn" 1991

  Viewing online is an exhibition of fascinating mixed media collage and assemblage by Todd Klempan. His surreal work, combining found objects, imagination and history are both intriguing and soulful. See Klempan's Artnotes for further information.


Todd Klempan (contemporary)
"The Languorous Remnants Of Dreamtime" 2003

  A Special Exhibition, Art Of War, is also currently on view, with period illustrations dating from the First World War through World War II.


R. Alston Brown (born 1878)
"Hail Lafayette" circa 1918

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